What will be done with collected information?

All of information you provide through this website, we don't sell or distribute to third parties except that it is legally required. All user information are gathered to serve your needs in future. and reply your request.

Impact of Cookies

As you may know that, when you browse our website, it automatically places all data file called"cookies" on your computer. The data will help to identify you if you visit multiple pages on our site at the same session. Hence we don't need to ask you for password on each page. Once you close the browser or logout, this cookie is no longer in effect. If you want to disable cookies, it is possible but these benefits will be impacted.

Personal data

All personal data that are used to identify any individual such as a first and last name, home address, email address or other contact information keep in secret. As usual you can visit our web page without telling who you are or revealing any personal info about yourself. We use personal information to process and deliver your order for bill. Maybe it is used to provide a enhanced shopping experience

Update in Privacy Policy

Please notice that the privacy policy maybe updated time to time. When there is any changes we will post it on this page or if the changes is so important we will show you notification.If you have any question, please feel free to contact us: info@fragrancia.ae